XML in 10 points in Finnish

Dear receiver,

I have faithfully translated the "XML in 10 points" from


The translated document, titled as: "XML 10 kohdan tiivistelmänä" (where
ä~ä) in Finnish (lang="fi"), is available at


I'm a W3C Finnish office staff member.

Few modest notes about the original text:

- it doesn't define the acronym "XML" anywhere,
- it focuses on tags but doesn't clearly say that tags are more or less
conceptually irrelevant; merely a notation to name & delimit properly
nesting elements (a logical term which simply pops up later in the text),
- a code example would self-explain much of the basic XML in few lines
("point 11. Here's what it looks like"),
- it could also say: "This document is an application of a combination of
the following XML specs:..." (a concrete example), and
- it (perhaps rightfully) refers to XML-based languages as "text formats"
(but the languages/applications/W3C specs rarely use this term



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