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[ANN] Rule Language Workshop - Report, Minutes, Mailing List

[ANN] Sesame 1.2 released

[Announce] Call For Papers: web|works and php|works

[WORM0'5] 3rd Workshop on Regulatory Ontologies (Call forpapers)

ANN: Powl 0.9 - Semantic Web application development framework in PHP

ANNOUNCEMENT - Jastor 1.0.1 Release with example API's

ANNOUNCEMENT: Debugging OWL Ontologies using special-edition of Swoop

ANNOUNCEMENT: Jastor v1.0: Typesafe, Ontology-driven RDF Access from Java

ANNOUNCEMENT: Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit 1.4.7

ANNOUNCEMENT: Rasqal RDF Query Library 0.9.10

ANNOUNCEMENT: Redland RDF Application Framework 1.0.2

ANNOUNCEMENT: Redland RDF Application Framework Language Bindings

Announcing nanocontext framework


CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: 10th International Workshop on Web Caching and Content Distribution (WCW 2005)

CFP: 1st Intl Workshop on Teaching Web Intelligence

CFP: ISWC Semantic Web And Policy Workshop (SWPW)

cfp: ISWC Semantic Web and Policy Workshop, 7 Nov 2005, Galway

CFP: NWeSP-2005 Web Services conference, IEEE: submission reminder (extended deadline)

CFP: Workshop on Uncertainty Reasoning for the Semantic Web

Chump bot to edit SKOS file via IRC or how to create useful folksonomy

Contract Architectures and Languages (CoALa2005) CFP


Deleting subgraphs via SPARQL

Deleting subgraphs via SPARQL (illegal?)

Determining HTTP URIRef Alias Equivalence for Information Resources

Doubt about name space declaration block

dynamic SVG representations

Dynamic time statements?

Extended deadline: Contract Architectures and Languages (CoALa2005) Final CFP

Extending properties in sub-class

First CFP: Workshop on Scalable Semantic Web Knowledge Base Systems @ WISE2005

Fragment Identifier Clarification

Fwd: Reduce cross-postings: merge www-rdf-interest and semantic-web lists...

Google sponsored student projects on Semantic Web available

Help -- Importing ontology in alternative way

httpRange-14 resolved

Identity of URIRefs / Resources

inconcistency in CBD definition in Updated specification of Concise Bounded Descriptions

Interactive RDF browser

Is it a semantic problem?

ISWC 05 Markup and Annotation Workshop

Jastor questions

lack of support for claims regarding Concise Bounded Descriptions

lack of support for claims regarding Concise Bounded Descriptions (see MSGs)

Last CFP: WISE'05 Industrial Track in NYC

Never mind the syntax, feel the semantics

News Metadata Framework Requirements draft published

News Standards Summit -- Presentations and audio files available online

On the Complexity of Semantic Web Jokes...

Pound sign at the end of the URL of an ontology

RDF document?

RDF over Jabber?

RDF querying question

Reduce cross-postings: merge www-rdf-interest and semantic-web lists...

Semantic Web Word Search Puzzle

SemWeb RDF Library in C#

Senate query

SPARQL Protocol for RDF

SPARQL Query Results XML Format W3C Working Draft 2005-05-27

Sparse rdf:List and rdf:Seq Graphs

Stack of two towers

The IPTC's metadata requirements

The IPTC's need for reification in XHTML 2 [was RE: DC in XHTML2]

Tool for finding instances of an OWL class?

TriQL.P - Trust policies enabled Semantic Web browser released.

Uniprot, SPARQL, and RDF Gateway

Updated specification of Concise Bounded Descriptions

URI ends with #

URI Reference questions

Using tag: scheme to identify resources?

Vocabs for annotating media files?

Web Rule Language - WRL v1.0

Workshop on Regulatory Ontologies, Deadline extended from June 24 to July 1

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