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(Slightly) Revised agenda for WS-RA meeting 2009-03-14

[Bug 6692] New: Remove Mode from the specification

[Bug 6721] New: Attaching policy to implicit operations

[NEW ISSUE] 6720 Metadata returnrd by WS-Transfer GET unclear

Agenda - 2009-03-24 distributed meeting

Agenda for 2009-03-11/12

Agenda for 2009-03-12 f2f

Agenda WS-RA 2009-03-31

Agenda, WS-RA 2009-03-03

Agenda, WS-RA distributed meeting 2009-03-17

Agenda: WS-RA f2f 2009-03-10/12

Bug 6404 Clarification

Bugzilla status and keywords

Comments received on the "Status of this document" Section in our candidate FPWDs

Draft Minutes from 2009-03-17 have been posted

Draft minutes of 2009-03-03 have been posted

Draft Minutes of 2009-03-10 have ben posted

Draft Minutes of 2009-03-11 have been posted

Draft minutes of 2009-03-12 have been posted

Draft minutes of 2009-03-24 have been posted

Edits to the Minutes of 2009-02-24 have been posted

FPWD publication approved

issue 6399: a proposal

issue 6400: WS-Eventing SubscriptionEnd message

issue 6401: proposal for advertising WS-Eventing Notification types

Issue 6413 - Merge WST/T : Proposal

Issue 6413: WS-Transfer with Extensible Fragment Support

Issue 6429: proposal 2

issue 6432 - yet another proposal

issue 6432: proposal

Issue 6432: updated proposal

issue 6548: proposal

Issue 6587 (Notational Conventions Text) - Proposal

Issue 6595: proposal 1

issue 6595: proposal 2

issue 6636: proposed resource xml after create

issue 6648: proposal 1

issue 6649 - a request

Issue 6661: proposal 1

issue 6672: proposal

issue 6673: proposal

Issue reports

Issue WS-Eventing 6431 proposal


Misc F2F Info

NEW ISSUE 6719: What does the MEX dialect denote]

NEW ISSUE: What does the MEX dialect de

On vacation

proposal for 6594, 672, 6673

proposal for issue 6533 (Transfer: Safeness of operations)

R: Issue 6692 (re-send for the list)

RA and the TAG

Revised Agenda for Face to face 2009-03-10/12 (I missed Issue-6595)

Rough (pre-draft) minutes of 2009-03-11 have been posted

Rough (pre-draft?) minutes of 2009-03-10 have been posted

WS-Eventing issue 6424 proposal

WS-Eventing Issue 6428 proposal

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