issue 6432: proposal

Antoine asked for a Pull mode for WS-Eventing....

  Rather than defining a new Delivery Mode I propose that WS-Eventing 
simply state that the semantics of a pull-style delivery mode can be 
achieved through the composition of WS-MakeConnection.

Make the following changes to WS-Eventing:

Each spot in the WS-Eventing spec where the Delivery Mode "Push" is used, 
replace it with "EPRBased".  (looking for a better wording choice)

In section 2 modify:
  There are many mechanisms by which event sources may deliver events to 
event sinks. This specification provides an extensible way for subscribers 
to identify the delivery mechanism and format of the notifications they 
   While asynchronous <del>, pushed</del> delivery is defined here, the 
intent is that there should be no limitation or restriction on the 
delivery mechanisms capable of being supported by this specification. 

In section 2.2 modify:
   This specification defines a single delivery mode, called EPRBased 
<del>Push</del> Mode, which is simple asynchronous messaging. 
by adding the following text after it:
  By using this mode with a wse:NotifyTo EPR that contains an addressable 
wsa:Address value, a subscriber can ask for events to be delivered to the 
event sink via a connection that is initiated by the event source 
(typically referred to as Push mode).  By using a wse:NotifytoEPR that 
contains a wsa:Address value that is a WS-MakeConnection anonymous URI 
template, a subscriber can indicate that events will be delivered via a 
connection that is initiated by the event sink (typically referred to as 
Pull mode).  See the WS-MakeConnection specification for more information, 
and an example, of how this would work.

In section 3.3 delete the term "Push Mode"

In section 4.1, modify:
The delivery mode to be used for notification messages sent in relation to 
this subscription. Implied value is 
which indicates that the wse:NotifyTo EPR will contain the destination to 
which notifications are sent.<del>Push Mode delivery should be used. 
</del>See 2.2 Delivery Modes for details. 

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