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I have copied this reply to the list, as it is of general interest. I  
will follow up on schedule with just you.

On 24 Mar 2009, at 21:40, Chou, Wu (Wu) wrote:

> David,
> I would like to confirm if my understanding is correct: Issue-6692  
> proposes to remove delivery "mode", because it is redundant given  
> what have been already defined in WS-E. It is not to add any new  
> semantics to current WS-E.

Yes exactly.

We need, I think, to retain the language around the characteristics  
(async, non-solicited, etc), but remove the Mode attribute.

> If this is the case, I would suggest we could deal with this issue  
> at a later stage of the WS-E specs development, since there are or  
> will be proposals on the table on event delivery that propose new  
> semantics to the specs. I am concerning with that and would like to  
> move carefully.

The working group has put a lot of time into this already and I think  
it is best to wrap it up now while we are all fresh. If we delay, we  
may run over the same ground and waste time. Also, it may be that when  
some use case for extensibility appears later a Mode parameter will  
not be the best way to go. Rather than assume Mode will work for a use  
case we don't yet have, let's get rid of Mode now and when that use  
case shows up, design an extension (possibly in eventing or another  
spec) that address that use case directly.

> I would love to hear your use cases which keep the semantics of WS-E  
> but extend its usability.

The first use case, which we have seen a lot of discussion on, is the  
one raised by 6432 and addressed by MakeConnection.

Another approach to this same use case in outlined in WS-Notification  
using a mechanism known as PullPoint. An approach like this one would  
work without changing the semantics of eventing. In fact this might  
work using the OASIS spec and eventing together unmodified. See, 
  section 5.

> I am crazily busy this week, running between meetings and next week  
> I will be at ECMA meeting for a week. One time I have is this Friday  
> afternoon at 1pm EDT if it fits you. If we can talk a week after,  
> that will be much better since we will all be back from our other  
> standard meetings.

In a separate mail.

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