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[Bug 16640] New: Please can we have a way to delete spurious/incorrect results

[Bug 17149] Import of manifest file gives an array error

[Bug 17246] New: Add button to report problem with test framework

[Bug 17247] New: The HTML5 test data imported into the framework seems broken

[Bug 17504] New: Test harness broken

[Bug 17504] Test harness broken

[CfC: publish FPWD of WebDriver; deadline June 27]

Bocoup and W3C Testing proposal

Finding specs

Fwd: Automated Testing

How to keep test results for separate products?

JSON API now available

Moving WebDriver Spec to First Public Working Draft

New UI for the Test Framework now available

Per-test metadata support for script tests

Problem adding new spec

QUnit - Test Results Server Side Handling to XML

Repository layout

Strange section importing issue with the framework server

Suggestions for Testing Framework for the masses

WebDriver meeting in London, April 19th

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