Problem adding new spec

[Note: I would have filed this as a bug, but Bugzilla didn't like my 
password, OR my reset password, and I gave up on it for lack of time. ]

I am finally setting up ATAG 2.0 tests.  I followed Test Suite 
Maintainer Documentation 
Nice job on the documentation, btw.

I added the spec, no problem.  Went to the Add spec-sections metadata 
and it only added the appendix sections.

Oh, so THAT was what you meant that the h1-6 had to start with a letter 
or number.  My sections start with the words (which do begin with a 
letter, but not what you meant) "Principle" and "Guideline".  They begin 
this way to keep synchronicity with WCAG 2.0 which is broadly known, 
adopted and referenced in legislation around the world.

I think I can work around it for now, hacking a copy with temporary 
numbering, but I will need to have the ability to either: specify words 
for section designations, a variable for section ids (I could change the 
section IDs to match some scheme), a way to manually add the spec 
sections, or some other clever idea that I am willing to discuss.

This was not something I anticipated for the requirements, apologies. 
The devil is always in the details.


Received on Wednesday, 16 May 2012 15:09:34 UTC