Suggestions for Testing Framework for the masses

I get the feeling that I am one of the first non-programmer, 
Windows-users to work with the new testing framework. :)  I appreciate 
all the help to get me started. Overall, the documentation is good and 
clear to follow.

I suggest that you use my stumbling points as a way to identify what 
other chairs and editors may run into.

1) Specification import:  There needs to be a webUI to import spec data 
from specs with complex numbering.  The current spec import UI cannot 
handle any of the WAI guideline-oriented specs, or any spec using a 
letter-number combination.  Changing the way a spec is formatted - 
especially a spec with a long history - can become a contentious 
distraction to a WG.  It's faster to add flexibility to the testing 
tool, then to get a WG to reach consensus on a new look to their 
document.  :) Providing options for formats, or simply allowing a webUI 
import of a data file with the spec info would be helpful.

2) Importing a manifest file: Perhaps there is a better way to do it, 
but I was managing my manifest list in a spreadsheet.  Exporting the 
spreadsheet to tab-delimited text automatically put "" around each 
string.  The manifest import webUI could not handle that. It's a minor 
thing (I hope) but making sure that the manifest import can handle the 
output of major spreadsheets would be very helpful.  I used Open Office 
Calc, but I'm pretty sure I remember MS Excel also putting quotes around 
strings when exporting to a text format.

Thanks for all your work, it was exciting to see the sample ATAG tests 
in the framework.



Received on Thursday, 24 May 2012 15:00:37 UTC