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Introductions: Marijke Keet, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano Marijke Keet (Wednesday, 28 December)

TConf Today? (Thursday, 22 December)

FW: DILS06 - Data Integration for the Life Sciences, Cambridge, UK Melissa Cline (Monday, 19 December)

Meeting Minutes Brian Gilman (Wednesday, 14 December)

Introductions Staff Contact Brian Gilman (Wednesday, 14 December)

Agenda for 12-15 TC Eric Neumann (Wednesday, 14 December)

Fwd: IIC SEMINAR Wednesday, Dec. 14: Mark Green on Gateway for Science & Engineering Tim Clark (Monday, 12 December)

Hello from a semantics junkie !!!! Kashyap, Vipul (Monday, 12 December)

Introductions: Eric Miller, w3c Tom Stambaugh (Friday, 9 December)

regrets and the promised offer for a demo Marja Koivunen (Saturday, 10 December)

About Inroductions Pierre Lindenbaum (Friday, 9 December)

Introductions: Nigam Shah, Stanford University Nigam Shah (Thursday, 8 December)

Introduction: Tonya Hongsermeie, HCLSig co-chair from Partners Healthcare Hongsermeier, Tonya M.,M.D. (Thursday, 8 December)

HCLSIG membership clarification Eric Miller (Thursday, 8 December)

FW: introductions: Anita de Waard deWaard, Anita (ELS) (Thursday, 8 December)

Introduction of Marja-Riitta Koivunen Marja Koivunen (Thursday, 8 December)

Introductions: David Hansen, CSIRO ICT Centre E-Health Research Centre (Australia) (Thursday, 8 December)

Introductions: Frank Gibbons Frank Gibbons (Wednesday, 7 December)

HCLS TC (12/08/05) Agenda Eric Neumann (Wednesday, 7 December)

Introductions: Eric Neumann, HCLSIG co-chair Eric Neumann (Wednesday, 7 December)

How to avoid getting spam ? I am afraid to give my institutional email address hilmi ege (Tuesday, 6 December)

Introductions: Chintan Patel, Columbia University Chintan O. Patel (Monday, 5 December)

Semantic Web workshop @ Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference Eric Neumann (Monday, 5 December)

introduction for Ron Taylor Taylor, Ronald C (Monday, 5 December)

Introductions: Grant M. Wood Grant Wood (Monday, 5 December)

Intro: Paolo Missier Paolo Missier (Monday, 5 December)

membership yaseminyuksek (Monday, 5 December)

Re: introductions: Daniel Rubin, Stanford University Daniel Rubin (Sunday, 4 December)

Intoductions: Natalia Maltsev, Argonne National Laboratory Natalia Maltsev (Friday, 2 December)

Suggestion re Introductions Cutler, Roger (RogerCutler) (Saturday, 3 December)

RE: introductions: Roger Cutler Cutler, Roger (RogerCutler) (Saturday, 3 December)

RE: introductions: Phillip Lord Phillip Lord (Friday, 2 December)

Re: introductions: Sean Martin, IBM Sean Martin (Friday, 2 December)

Re: introductions: Alan Rector Alan Rector (Thursday, 1 December)

Introductions: Christophe Poulain, Teranode Corp. Christophe Poulain (Friday, 2 December)

Introductions: John Madden, Duke U & SNOMED Int'l John Madden (Thursday, 1 December)

RE: introductions: Carlos S. Zamudio Carlos S. Zamudio (Thursday, 1 December)

RE: introductions: Alfredo Morales, Cerebra Alfredo Morales (Thursday, 1 December)

Recall: introductions: eric miller, w3c Alfredo Morales (Thursday, 1 December)

Re: Introductions Alf Eaton (Thursday, 1 December)

Introduction: Matthias Samwald Matthias Samwald (Thursday, 1 December)

Re: introductions: carole goble Carole Goble (Thursday, 1 December)

Introductions: Steve Chervitz, Affymetrix Steve Chervitz (Thursday, 1 December)

Introductions: Matt Cockerill - BioMed Central Matthew Cockerill (Thursday, 1 December)

Welcome! Eric Neumann (Thursday, 1 December)

FW: Postdoctoral position at LANL Joanne Luciano (Thursday, 1 December)

Re: introductions: eric miller, w3c Robert Stevens (Thursday, 1 December)

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