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Introductions: Frank Gibbons

From: Frank Gibbons <francis_gibbons@hms.harvard.edu>
Date: Wed, 07 Dec 2005 12:31:32 -0500
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To: public-semweb-lifesci@w3.org


It's great to see such a large group showing interest in this topic. I'm 
Frank Gibbons, my current position is as Computational Biologist at Harvard 
Medical School. My interest in SWLS is fairly nuts-n-bolts: I do a lot of 
"omics", and I see the semantic web as a potential mechanism to allow me to 
spend more time contemplating interesting scientific hypotheses, by sparing 
the time and effort I currently must expend on munging & integrating the 
various datasets that interest me.

My background: PhD in physics, couple of years in commercial engineering 
software development, five years in bioinformatics. I have published 
several algorithms for discovery/analysis/evaluation of gene-expression 
clustering, protein-complexes, machine-learning of mass-spec data for 
protein identification, protein-protein interaction networks, and 
identification of transcription-factor binding sites. I'm a member of the 
BioPAX working group, though not very active right now. I'm also a 
developer on the BioMOBY web-services-for-bioinformatics project.

I have been somewhat disappointed with the lack of scalability in many of 
the semantic/knowledge-management tools and technologies I've tried over 
the past year or two. My (admittedly limited) experience has been that, at 
least for the omic-scale data that interests me, the semantic talk is well 
ahead of the semantic walk.

The promise of SWLS remains enticing however, and I can't think of a better 
place to learn more about current efforts than this group.

-Frank Gibbons

PhD, Computational Biologist,
Harvard Medical School BCMP/SGM-322, 250 Longwood Ave, Boston MA 02115, USA.
Tel: 617-432-3555       Fax: 
617-432-3557       http://llama.med.harvard.edu/~fgibbons 
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