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Introductions: David Hansen, CSIRO ICT Centre E-Health Research Centre (Australia)

From: <David.Hansen@csiro.au>
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2005 15:55:18 +1100
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My name is David Hansen and I'm currently project leader for the Health
Data Integration project at the E-Health Research Centre in Brisbane,
Australia. The E-Health Research Centre (EHRC - http://e-hrc.net.au
<http://e-hrc.net.au/> /) is part of the CSIRO ICT Centre
(http://ict.csiro.au/ ), which has just become the Australian regional
office for the W3C. 


The health data integration project is researching solutions to provide
a trusted data integration service for linking existing data sets within
and across health organisations. Maintaining the security of the data
and the privacy of the patient is an important part of this work. We are
researching privacy and security issues, such as matching patients
across databases using encrypted data and also data integration and
query issues, such as improving query performance in a distributed
environment. We're just starting to think about the inclusion of
ontologies in our software and how to make use of existing ontologies
and data standards. As well, we're involved in some other projects which
include genomic data, so linking between clinical and genomic data is
starting to get really interesting. I'm looking forward to leaning a lot
from being part of the group about applying semantics in the health care
and life science environments. 


Before joining the EHRC, I was the development manager for SRS at LION
bioscience from 1998-2004. SRS is a data integration engine for genomic
data and tools. I've seen several people on the list that I've run into
in my SRS days - Ted Slater at Pfizer, Susie Stephens at Oracle and
several users of SRS - including its use in the NetAffx site. SRS is
used at over 100 pharmaceutical companies and 200 academic institutes
around the world. The SRS linking and object loading functionality
provided for integration of genomic data, although it's only in the SRS
8 series that we started to codify the semantics of thos links in an
ontology of genomic databases that included the description of the
relationship between the databases. SRS 8 also introduced a web services
layer for SRS.


I'm going to try and make the phone call tonight phone call - however it
will be 2am so it depends whether I just roll over after turning the
alarm off. If not, I'll look forward to reading about the outcome and
being a part of the group.






David Hansen

HDI Team Leader
e-Health Research Centre: http://e-hrc.net.au/

CSIRO ICT Centre: http://ict.csiro.au/ 


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