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introduction for Ron Taylor

From: Taylor, Ronald C <ronald.taylor@pnl.gov>
Date: Mon, 05 Dec 2005 10:08:28 -0800
To: public-semweb-lifesci@w3.org
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Hello folks,

Following up on Banu's Nov 30th email: I am a co-worker of Ms. Gopalan's
at PNNL, working with her as a PI on a closely associated database
project. I, too, am very interested in web-based data integration, data
mining, data sharing, knowledge discovery, and automated annotation for
the high throughput mRNA and protein expression data sets we are
producing at PNNL. I have been following the growth of the Semantic Web,
am excited about it, and would like to participate. I have many years of
database experience (relational, pure XML, and object-oriented), and
some experience in standards development, having been involved in the
development of microarray data standards as secretary of the Microarray
Gene Expression Data Society. And I've had some discussions here at PNNL
with Dr. Jim Myers on how we can use the Semantic Web and Semantic Grid
concepts for the terabytes of biological data we will be generating. Jim
recently left us to join NCSA in Urbana as associate director for
integrated cyberservices. He'd be interested in this. (Hey Jim, are you
already listening?)


  Ronald Taylor, Ph.D.
  Senior Research Scientist II
  Computational Biology & Bioinformatics Group
  Computational Sciences & Mathematics Division
  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (US Dept of Energy)
  PO Box 999, MS K7-90
  Richland, WA 99352
  Tel (509) 372-6568
  Fax (509) 372-4720
  Email: ronald.taylor@pnl.gov
  Web: http://www.emsl.pnl.gov/docs/cbbb/, http://www.sysbio.org/

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Hello Everyone,
My Name is Banu Gopalan, and I am a Systems biology scientist at the
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

One of my research areas at PNNL is focused on the integration and
biological interpretation of gene expression and proteomics data, using
semantically-enabled Ontology-based web services.  I also provide the
domain support for key semantic grid services in ongoing systems biology
research.  My background profile is available at this link :

I am very excited to be part of this group and eagerly look forward to
sharing ideas, and contributing to the collective knowledge effort.


Banu Gopalan
Sr. Research Scientist
Computational & Information Sciences
(216) 321 0534
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