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Introductions: Christophe Poulain, Teranode Corp.

From: Christophe Poulain <cpoulain@teranode.com>
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2005 18:31:18 -0800
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My name is Christophe Poulain. I am a software architect at Seattle-based
Teranode Corporation. We provide software tools to automate data acquisition
and facilitate data management for R&D in the life sciences. Our dynamic
approach to modeling data is powered by a visual programming language called
VLX. We realized early on that our proprietary XML representation of VLX
would limit our ability to capture detailed semantics in a way that makes
data easily reusable. The focus of my team is to turn VLX into a language
that is enabled for the semantic web. We are also developing software
components for ontology building, for semantic search and analysis. I am
excited to see this community building-up because I believe that Semantic
Web technologies provide a unique basis to unify data and foster scientific
understanding. Prior to joining Teranode, I received a Ph.D. in Chemical
Engineering, followed by eight years developing software for simulation and
online optimization of manufacturing processes, mostly in the oil & gas,
chemical and power industries.


Christophe Poulain, Ph.D.

Teranode Corporation

83 South King Street, Suite 800

Seattle, WA 98104

www.teranode.com <http://www.teranode.com/> 


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