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Agenda for 12-15 TC

DILS06 - Data Integration for the Life Sciences, Cambridge, UK

Fwd: IIC SEMINAR Wednesday, Dec. 14: Mark Green on Gateway for Science & Engineering

HCLS TC (12/08/05) Agenda

HCLSIG membership clarification

Hello from a semantics junkie !!!!

How to avoid getting spam ? I am afraid to give my institutional email address

Iintroductions: John Rumble

Index of introductions

Intoductions: Natalia Maltsev, Argonne National Laboratory

Intro: Paolo Missier

introduction for Ron Taylor

Introduction of Marja-Riitta Koivunen

Introduction: Matthias Samwald

Introduction: Tanja Sieber - University of Miskolc, Hungary

Introduction: Tonya Hongsermeie, HCLSig co-chair from Partners Healthcare


Introductions Staff Contact

introductions: Alan Rector

introductions: Alfredo Morales, Cerebra

introductions: Anita de Waard

introductions: Carlos S. Zamudio

introductions: carole goble

Introductions: Chintan Patel, Columbia University

Introductions: Christophe Poulain, Teranode Corp.

introductions: Daniel Rubin, Stanford University

Introductions: David Hansen, CSIRO ICT Centre E-Health Research Centre (Australia)

Introductions: Duncan Hull, University of Manchester

Introductions: Eric Miller, w3c

Introductions: Eric Neumann, HCLSIG co-chair

Introductions: Frank Gibbons

introductions: Gary Schiltz, NCGR

Introductions: Grant M. Wood

introductions: Huajun Chen, Zhejiang University

Introductions: John Madden, Duke U & SNOMED Int'l

introductions: John Wilbanks, Science Commons

Introductions: Marijke Keet, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

introductions: Mark Musen, Stanford

Introductions: Matt Cockerill - BioMed Central

Introductions: Nigam Shah, Stanford University

introductions: Pascal Roland

introductions: Phillip Lord

introductions: Ravensara Travillian, University of Washington

introductions: Robin McEntire, GSK

introductions: Roger Cutler

introductions: Sean Martin, IBM

Introductions: Steve Chervitz, Affymetrix

introductions: Susie Stepehns, Oracle

Introductions: Vinay K. Chaudhri, SRI International

Meeting Minutes


Postdoctoral position at LANL

Recall: introductions: eric miller, w3c

regrets and the promised offer for a demo

Semantic Web workshop @ Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference

Suggestion re Introductions

TConf Today?


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