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comment on JSON-LD 1.0: no @base support

Editorial comment: Please use ALL CAPS for conformance words SHOULD, MUST, etc.

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Increased lookahead requirements in the Turtle draft

Jena Turtle conformance results

JSON-LD graph should be an RDF graph

JSON-LD should be an RDF syntax

Language-tagged strings in Turtle

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minor typo in Turtle CR

node-n3: Turtle implementation in JavaScript

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Please remove HTML5 as a normative reference for Turtle 2013

Problem with Hash based Linked Data URIs

Raptor passes Turtle 2013 test suite

Refers Or Denotes?

Ruby Turtle Processor conformance

Turtle CR Internet media type contact

Turtle tests : Case-sensitivity of base and prefix directives

Turtle tests blank ID patches, and EARL report for Serd

Unsetting @base and @prefix

Update EARL rollup for CR Turtle

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