Re: Refers Or Denotes?

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> On 2/13/13 8:23 AM, Henry Story wrote:
>> I have updated section 4 of our spec to use the language, and to show the synonymy relation between
>> denotes and refers, which seems to be accepted practice in the philosphy literature. The illustration here shows this clearly now:
> For sake of uniformity, would it be possible for you to add "(perception)" below "sense" in your illustration at: ? .
> Reasoning: to illustrate how data can be perceived through information (aka. data in perceptible context) .

sense/perception would rather make people think of the senses: sight, touch, hearing, etc... This would require bringing in an agent in the picture whose senses we are speaking of. That would be a wholly different topic.

In the philosophy/logic literature from Frege onwards sense is what determines the meaning of a name. So if one wanted symmetry one could have "sense (meaning)" I think. The general intuition is that the meaning of a name is what determines its reference.  A bit like a dictionary helps you get the meaning of a term you don't know.


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