node-n3: Turtle implementation in JavaScript

Dear RDF community,

As asked by David Wood [1], Im posting my Turtle parser implementation: node-n3 [2].

node-n3 is a streaming parser in JavaScript and designed to be blazingly fast, now at 225.000 triples per second [3,4].
While in development as an N3 parser, it currently achieves full Turtle compatibility [5].
Right now, it is implemented for Node.js, although none of the components use specific Node libraries.
Therefore, it works perfectly in the browser with minimal adjustments.

If you have any questions on this implementation, dont hesitate to ask them.

Ruben Verborgh
PhD Researcher on Semantic Web and Web APIs
iMinds  Multimedia Lab  Ghent University, Belgium  @RubenVerborgh


Received on Friday, 22 February 2013 02:34:27 UTC