Re: Turtle tests blank ID patches, and EARL report for Serd

Thanks David, I encountered a couple of minor issues in incorporating your output in to the rollup report:

Your FOAF document is RDF/XML, but the content-type returned is text/html, so the tool fails to parse it because it selects the RDFa/. Easiest may be to just include the relevant resources in the EARL report directly as Turtle.

The tests you asserted which are not defined in either maniffest are ignored in the results.

I've updated the report with your results [3].



P.S., I'll leave it to others in the WG to respond to your test suggestions. I know that the coverage tests are intended to cover 100% of the features, and to the degree that they don't, additional tests would be appreciated. I have no problem with changing blank node labels and re-ordering.

On Feb 24, 2013, at 10:13 PM, David Robillard <> wrote:

> I finally took some time to implement most of the new Turtle spec.
> To be able to run the test suite in my existing test framework, I needed
> to fix up the test output slightly.  Attached is a patch to:
> * Normalize generated blank labels to a machine style (_:b1 _:b2 etc),
>   so conformance can be tested with simple file comparison.
> * Use the same generated blank label style in both test suites
> * Make non-generated output blank labels match those in the input,
>   for implementations that can preserve blank node labels.
> * Re-order some triples in the tests-ttl output, so output triple order
>   matches input triple order (for streaming parser/serialisers)
> These change make testing streaming implementations nicer, but shouldn't
> break anything since the RDF is the same.
> Also attached is a conformance report for my implementation, Serd [1],
> which now passes all the /coverage tests byte-for-byte except for 2
> (SPARQL PREFIX and BASE).  Serd is a very fast reader/writer which can
> abbreviate while streaming, particularly useful for abbreviating
> extremely large dumps.
> I still have some work to do on the tests-ttl tests, though most pass.
> Issue: There are tests-ttl tests that do not match the current grammar
> [2], e.g. turtle-syntax-prefix-02.ttl contains "PreFIX :
> <http://example/>", but the grammar only allows PREFIX.
> Regarding those rules, since the draft has a request for feedback: I
> formally object to the rules [5s] sparqlBase and [6s] sparqlPrefix, they
> are inconsistent and not appropriate for Turtle.  If SPARQL
> implementations want to support a superset of Turtle, they can, but
> these rules do not belong in the spec.  Directives starting with @ is a
> good convention: consistent, extensible, and simple/fast to parse.
> Note there are quite a few gaps in these test cases (they cover 77% of
> my code, my extended test suite covers 99%).  There are several new
> things I have not yet implemented (like dots in prefixed names) that
> weren't exposed by tests.  If they will be used I can contribute
> additional test cases.
> The attached EARL report was generated with some pretty kludgey code,
> but more or less matches the format of 
> Cheers,
> -dr
> [1]
> [2]
> <turtle_tests_normalize.diff><earl.ttl>

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