Merging and improving the Turtle test suite(s)

The Turtle test suite situation is currently a bit of a mess.  There's
the tests-ttl suite, the coverage suite, the old test suite from the
team submission [1], and some additions scattered about various
implementations.  Each of these needs to be run in subtly different
ways.  There is also serious areas of the new spec that are not covered
at present, and various miscellaneous trivial issues.

I would like to volunteer to merge the three suites, fix the issues, and
add new tests to cover the missing areas, if it is agreed that merging
them is appropriate (I think a single consistent test suite with good
coverage is at least highly desirable, and probably should be considered
a requirement for standardization)

In order to do this, the licensing issues of test-ttl/manifest.ttl
brought up by Dave Beckett [2] will need to be resolved, and perhaps
test-ttl/LICENSE is a problem as well.  Otherwise I see no barriers (and
licensing problems for things like this is silly, really)

Other than that, I will just wait for some confirmation that a
unified/improved/extended test suite is desired before building it.  It
shouldn't be too much work (I have done some of it already) or take
long, but if upstream won't follow suit I will not merge them since the
divergence would make pulling a diff impossible.




Received on Tuesday, 26 February 2013 21:14:23 UTC