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Beware of W3C Accounting Phishing

created new FPWD version: v 1.18

Daylight Savings Time - Zakim bridge

Default Mapping and tomorrow's telcon

Default Mapping vs Direct Mapping

Direct Graph and R2ML?

done with the document -- just figures need to be updated

Downloadable draft of SQL:2008

Feedback re the FPWD R2RML from DanC via IRC ...

Figures - current version of the document

Finalising the FPWD on "Relational Database to RDF Mapping Language"

FPWD R2RML: RDB to RDF Mapping Language now available

ISSUE-5 (ddmapping): Default vs. direct mapping [R2RML]

Last Call for Comments before FPWD

Minutes for the 2010-10-19 RDB2RDF meeting

Minutes for the 2010-10-21 RDB2RDF meeting + semantics discussion

Minutes for the 2010-10-26 RDB2RDF meeting

minutes from todays telco

More tweaks to the R2RML document

NO TELECON on 2010-11-02 but some ongoing actions ...

Note that semantics meetings are open to all

R2RML draft - new introduction

R2RML practicability concerns

RDB2RDF mapping formalisms teleconference logistics

RDB2RDF WG agenda for 2010-10-05 meeting 1600 UTC

RDB2RDF WG agenda for 2010-10-12 meeting 1600 UTC

RDB2RDF WG agenda for 2010-10-19 meeting 1600 UTC

RDB2RDF WG agenda for 2010-10-26 meeting 1600 UTC

Transition request for 'R2RML: RDB to RDF Mapping Language'


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