Re: Finalising the FPWD on "Relational Database to RDF Mapping Language"

> Editors, All,
> We want to get the FPWD on "Relational Database to RDF Mapping Language"
> [1]
> out at the next telecon. We agreed today that the editors will continue to
> work on the current draft till Friday 8 Oct and the WG members will give
> feedback here, via the mailing list. After that I will take over to make
> it
> pub-rule conformant and prepare the publication with Harry/Eric.
> I'd expect the editors to address the following points will be addressed
> (tracker, this is my ACTION-74):
> + Clearly define the scope of this document
> + Define the target audience and prerequisites in the first part of the
> document
> + Provide smaller/simpler, inline examples
> + Make the document easier to digest (overall structure, grouping of
> functionality)
> + Note which parts are under discussion (use 'Editorial note' such as
> found
> in the UC document [2]) - this fosters feedback from a wider community
> + Provide references where needed (think of normative vs. Informative)
> + If you're unsure how to express things, have a look at the W3C Manual of
> Style [3]

Also, just to address two more important points:

- Explain on a meta-level that we are using RDF/Turtle as a mapping syntax
rather than a description of something. If there is already a draft XML
syntax under development, you may want to compare and contrast that in the
beginning, but pick one for the document for now (i.e. probably Turtle).

- If possible, explain what string literals have "special" meaning (i.e.
SQL column, column name in database") etc. outside of just being normal
strings. Explain that if those are not accepted, an error will result

> Again, thanks a lot dear editors - great job so far and now let's get the
> stuff out! :)
> Cheers,
>       Michael
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
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