Default Mapping vs Direct Mapping

Hi Everybody

I've seen the use of Default Mapping and Direct Mapping in several places.
Soeren also pointed this out in his comments. So, what do these terms mean?
Or are they the same?

We need to come to a consensus asap!

IMO, a Direct Mapping is a mapping from a RDB to RDF where tuple pk are
subjects, attributes of a table are predicates and the values are objects
(or something like this... this will be clearly defined in the direct
mapping document). A RDB2RDF system should use the direct mapping as the
default mapping, meaning, when the user does not customize a mapping and
lets the RDB2RDF system expose the RDB data automatically as RDF, it will do
it by the direct mapping.

I'm guessing that R2RML document needs to reference the Direct Mapping
document. Can a FPWD reference a document that is not ready? I do not feel
comfortable about this.

Juan Sequeda

Received on Sunday, 24 October 2010 23:29:20 UTC