Finalising the FPWD on "Relational Database to RDF Mapping Language"

Editors, All,

We want to get the FPWD on "Relational Database to RDF Mapping Language" [1]
out at the next telecon. We agreed today that the editors will continue to
work on the current draft till Friday 8 Oct and the WG members will give
feedback here, via the mailing list. After that I will take over to make it
pub-rule conformant and prepare the publication with Harry/Eric.

I'd expect the editors to address the following points will be addressed
(tracker, this is my ACTION-74):

+ Clearly define the scope of this document
+ Define the target audience and prerequisites in the first part of the
+ Provide smaller/simpler, inline examples
+ Make the document easier to digest (overall structure, grouping of
+ Note which parts are under discussion (use 'Editorial note' such as found
in the UC document [2]) - this fosters feedback from a wider community
+ Provide references where needed (think of normative vs. Informative)
+ If you're unsure how to express things, have a look at the W3C Manual of
Style [3]

Again, thanks a lot dear editors - great job so far and now let's get the
stuff out! :)



Dr. Michael Hausenblas
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Received on Tuesday, 5 October 2010 17:36:10 UTC