Re: Last Call for Comments before FPWD

  Good comments from Soeren!  Editors, if you cannot take these into account before publication,
you may want to create issues in the text.  We can work on these later.
All the best, Ashok

On 10/23/2010 8:34 AM, Sören Auer wrote:
> On 22.10.2010 10:04, Harry Halpin wrote:
>> I'd like to have when people send in FPWD comments, they cc the listserv.
> I read the document carefully and added a large number of improvements suggestions as well as many minor corrections.
> Please find my changes and comments in the attached document (in both Word and PDF version). I guess not all of the comments have to be addressed for the FPWD.
> Have a nice weekend everybody,
> Sören

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