Daylight Savings Time - Zakim bridge


FYI: twice a year we have to deal with the Daylight Savings Time changes
[1], because the telecons are scheduled based on the Zakim bridge which
happens to be located in the US, meaning that between October 31 and
November 7, the time difference between US and Europe will be 1 hour less
than it currently is.

As we only have one telecon in this timeframe (on 2 Nov) this shouldn't be
much of a problem, but please do note (for all *non-US participants*, that
is, people in Europe, etc.) that the telecon will take place an hour earlier
on 2 Nov.

Some additional heads-up: I'll be on travel from 2 - 4 Nov, so I would like
to as Ashok to chair (though, happy to send out the agenda as usual in



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Received on Tuesday, 12 October 2010 09:24:21 UTC