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[css] yet another "html is invalid xhtml" bug report

[meeting] agenda for 2004-09-14

[meeting] Notes and log 2004-09-14

[meeting] notes and log 20040831

[meeting] notes from 2004-09-28

[wmvs] Open Issues for 0.7.0

[wmvs] OpenSP -R and Win32

[wmvs] OpenSP -R and Win32 (was: Prerequisites, Minimum Versions, Platforms?)

[wmvs] Prerequisites, Minimum Versions, Platforms?

[WMVS] Some initial thoughts on code M12N...

Building OpenSP from CVS

charset-related pieces of the code

Checking HTTP Headers

HEAD and 0.6.7 behave similarly on current test case list

Icons (Re: [meeting] notes from 2004-09-28)

link checker and IRIs

Markup Validator Test Suite

mod_include disabled on qa-dev?

Obsolete onsgmls dependant features

qa-dev's virtualhost config

Random thoughts on modularization of validator(s)

Remaining HTML fragments in check

Revising the parse mode detection code

rewrite/pass-auth hack on qa-dev not working

S::P::O and temp files

S:P:O in cvs is win32-specific?

SGML::Parser::OpenSP Win32 PPMs

SGML::Parser::OpenSP Win32 PPMs (Modified by olivier Thereaux)

Some checklink WIP stuff

splitting &preparse

status of debian package(s)

templates/en_US/popup_charset.tmpl: maintainance nightmare?

Text::Iconv 1.4, new Validator bundle?

upcoming meeting 2004-09-28

validator-0_6_0-branch still alive?

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