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[meeting] notes and log 20040831

From: olivier Thereaux <ot@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2004 17:26:47 +0900
To: QA Dev <public-qa-dev@w3.org>
Message-Id: <AA299F38-FBF0-11D8-B494-000393A80896@w3.org>
Here are my notes for yesterday's meeting.

Main Topics:
  - m12n (of check and checklink)
  - s:p:o
  - distributions
  - http issues
  - testing

Summary of Action Items:
  ACTION: yod to do `perldoc Test::More` and engage wetware neural net 
to the problem of generating that from his test collection
ACTION: yod to go on a quest to find Frederic Schutz and check his 
ACTION: xover, scop; go pester RH Bugzilla about getting 
openjade/opensp packages split for FC4
ACTION: Nick to come up with a list of HTTP checks (done by valet, for 
a start) for the validator
ACTION: olivier to clean up (and possibly move) wiki entry on test 
Homework for everyone: look at SGML::Parser::OpenSP by the time of next 

Summary of topic discussions:

  * Modularization (m12n) of check and checklink
General agreement to go forward with Ville's idea to experiment with 

  * SGML::Parser::OpenSP
Bjoern re-wrote most of it, 
Everyone to give it a look.

  * Distributions
OpenSP/OpenJade splitting issue not likely to be resolved in 
FedoraCore3, targetting FC4. Also, need to check Frederic's status wrt 
debian packages.

  * HTTP issues
What to do with borken HTTP causing validation "bugs". Such as IE6SP2 
uploading files as text/html or borken servers sending bad "Size"? LWP 
sometimes try to be too clever... Thinking of building an HTTP checker 
on top of it.

  * Testing
Discussing test suite for validator, especially demo prepared by 
olivier, in the (new) context of modularized tools. Will continue 
discussion on the Wiki, while everyone is invited to play with the demo 
for the moment.

Next meeting 2004-09-14

trimmed log attached, as usual.

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