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EU Data protection regulation break through Rigo Wenning (Wednesday, 16 December)

PING call - 3 December - informal chairs summary Christine Runnegar (Wednesday, 16 December)

PING@TPAC 2015 report Tara Whalen (Thursday, 3 December)

Browser Fingerprinting using HSTS and CSP Keiji Takeda (Wednesday, 2 December)

Resolution of PING-raised issues: Checking status Harald Alvestrand (Tuesday, 1 December)

PING teleconference - 3 December 2015 UTC 17 Christine Runnegar (Tuesday, 1 December)

Fwd: JPEG Privacy & Security 2nd Workshop Announcement and Call for Participation Christine Runnegar (Sunday, 29 November)

Fingerprinting Guidance for Web Specification Authors Christine Runnegar (Thursday, 26 November)

FYI Quick Announcement for Consent Privacy Geeks Mark Lizar (Friday, 20 November)

Proposed feedback for TAG on their security questionnaire + PING questionnaire feedback Greg Norcie (Thursday, 19 November)

High Resolution Time 2: time origin and worker support Philippe Le Hegaret (Tuesday, 17 November)

Tracking with ultrasound beacons. Web Audio API privacy considerations need updating? Lukasz Olejnik (W3C) (Thursday, 12 November)

RE: In what circumstances is "delayed execution" acceptable on the web? Mike O'Neill (Wednesday, 11 November)

PING @ IETF 94 - some takeaways Christine Runnegar (Sunday, 8 November)

Update re Fingerprinting Guidance for Web Specification Authors Christine Runnegar (Sunday, 8 November)

Status of privacy review of Presentation API? Francois Daoust (Friday, 6 November)

Nice airport respects DNT (thank you) David Singer (Thursday, 5 November)

Standard Privacy Assessment (SPA) Nat Sakimura (Thursday, 5 November)

Fwd: Charters in development: Web Authentication; Hardware-Based Security (Advance Notice) Wendy Seltzer (Thursday, 5 November)

DNT is very timely Rigo Wenning (Wednesday, 4 November)

Privacy session at MozFest 2015 Lukasz Olejnik (W3C) (Monday, 2 November)

Interesting (perhaps) slides on Image Privacy David Singer (Friday, 30 October)

Fwd: Security of Personal Wellness Data - CEA David Singer (Friday, 30 October)

thoughts for TPAC meetings... Joseph Lorenzo Hall (Thursday, 29 October)

Fwd: Fingerprinting Guidance Spec Nick Doty (Thursday, 29 October)

privacy/security-related breakout sessions at TPAC Nick Doty (Tuesday, 27 October)

[permissions] privacy concern with Permissions API/granted status and events Nick Doty (Tuesday, 27 October)

PING at TPAC draft agenda - Friday 30 October 2015 Tara Whalen (Sunday, 25 October)

PING - informal chairs summary - 22 October 2015 Christine Runnegar (Saturday, 24 October)

Re: Comments/Questions on Media Capture Streams – Privacy and Security Considerations Nick Doty (Friday, 23 October)

PING - informal chairs’ summary – 17 September 2015 Tara Whalen (Wednesday, 21 October)

PING @ IETF 94 - Thursday 5 November 2015 Christine Runnegar (Tuesday, 20 October)

Geofencing API: Initial attempt at answering Privacy Questionnaire Mandyam, Giridhar (Monday, 19 October)

PING [call for consensus] - publish fingerprinting guidance as a Working Draft Interest Group Note Christine Runnegar (Monday, 19 October)

PING teleconference - 22 October UTC 16 Christine Runnegar (Monday, 19 October)

RE: PING - areas where contributions are needed Mike O'Neill (Tuesday, 6 October)

Re: PING - areas where contributions are needed Joseph Lorenzo Hall (Tuesday, 6 October)

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