Resolution of PING-raised issues: Checking status


on July 14, Nick Doty sent a message to the Media Capture task force on
behalf of the Privacy Interest Group (PING).

I sent a substantive reply on September 21, noting that we were filing
issues for some of the points raised:

At this time, we believe those have all been addressed; the addressing
pull requests should be: (for 249) (for 250) (for 251) (for 252)

I note that we've had a long discussion about permissions prompts after
this time, but it doesn't seem that we've reached consensus on any
changes or precise issues that we agree need resolving.

With these edits, can we say that the TF's feedback to the PING comments
filed July 14 is complete?

Harald, for the chairs

Received on Tuesday, 1 December 2015 13:42:14 UTC