thoughts for TPAC meetings...

All of you in Sapporo are probably a few hours from getting up...

Greg and I will miss hanging out with PING folks at TPAC and more
importantly spending quality time collectively getting our heads
around various lines of PING work.

As for the PING privacy questionnaire, it seems like there are a few
distinct pieces in motion:

1. We need to decide at some point if any of the modifications we've
made to PING's questionnaire may be good to port back into the TAG
questionnaire. My sense is that the PING questionnaire is more useful
as a tool for PING members to use to evaluate specifications and that
the TAG questionnaire is more useful for spec authors to evaluate
their own work before engaging with TAG on specific elements.

2. Giri's work on the Geolocation API that he shared with PING gives
us a chance to work on improving the TAG questionnaire (pretty sure
that's what he used) does it not?

3. It seems like we need more experience using our own questionnaire
to see if this is a useful thing to continue working on at PING.

4. Both the discussions about the Permissions API and the implications
of Service Workers that Nick has been involved with makes me think
that we need to be prepared to engage when evaluating a specification
leads to deeper issues with other specifications, some of which may be
very near and dear and practically unchangeable. Either way, we should
have some of us look at both of those APIs more deeply and see if
there are ways to improve them or the implementations of them (and
specifically think of questions that we might ask ourselves while
evaluating specifications that might unearth issues that are bigger
than the current spec under evaluation).

best, Joe

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