FYI Quick Announcement for Consent Privacy Geeks

Greeting PING. 

I am a bit of a lurker, and I have  great admiration and support for the work done here.  In this regard, we are having a 
 pretty impromptu social tonight in London, and making a workshop/hack project this weekend to create a privacy day campaign for next Jan.  The aim is to try and put some privacy considerations in action and raise awareness which I think might be of interest to some of the people here. 

So, just in case people here may be  interested in attending or showing needed support here are the details

Kind Regards,

Mark Lizar

We are organising a get together today (Friday) 5:30 - 8:00 PM in London at the Fab Lab.  This is a part of the kick off to the MIT Media Labs (Boston) - Future Commerce; Hackathon and a pro-consent campaign.   The aim of the gathering is to get people and companies interested in consent engineering, VRM and hacking commerce together. 

The in person  event will be at the FAB LAB (Thanks to Tony Fish) and Sandy Pentland will be providing the keynote from the hackathon. There is also an online panel and discussion about consent.  And of course some drinks afterwards. (if you want to come email me) There should be some good conversations. 

We are also  organising a virtual un-confernce Hackaton project over the weekend called - 'Consent for  Future Commerce' that will workshop consent and VRM on Saturday and present the results on Sunday..    Worst  case its a bit of fun VRM geekery and it explores the value and utility of consent. 

All the details are here <>.  

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