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23 December call - to be or not to be?

23 December call - to be or not to be? NOT!

[W3C LDP WG] Review of the"Best Practice & Guidelines" document...

a perspective on LDP

About the ldp:xyz relationship

ACTION-115 / ACTION-116 (proposing text for ISSUE-89 and ISSUE-90)

ACTION-95 Review BP and Guidelines

Examples in the LDP primer

issue 90 proposals

ISSUE-89 - proposal 3 - propertiesOnlyResource

issue-89 proposals

Issue-89, proposal 3: Duplication of triples & inferencing


LDP agenda for 16 December

LDP agenda for 2 December

LDP Agenda for 9 December

LDP Minutes for 16 December

LDP Minutes for 2 December

LDP Minutes for 9 December

ldp-ISSUE-91 (rel='type' Link-based interaction): The LDP (REST) interactions must be driven by the rel='type' Link header [Linked Data Platform Spec]

Seeking initial Patch format proposal

Simplifying DirectContainers to SimpleContainers

The existing RDF use case

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