ISSUE-89 - proposal 3 - propertiesOnlyResource

Alexandre, would this be something like the correct definition of
ldp:propertiesOnlyResource ?

 ldp:propertiesOnlyResource a ldp:Container;
    rdfs:domain ldp:Container;
    rdfs:range ldp:Resource; // <- understood as ISSUE-90 LDPR
    rdf:comment """
      relates an LDP Container to the resource listing the "membership triples",
      a.k.a properties-only resource .
    """ . 

I just realised that this relation can have another use too. The header 
of the propertiesresource could also link back to the LDPC using the 
same relation, but using it in the reverse direction.
( see )
To use your the example from issue-90

$ curl -i
Content-Type: text/turtle; charset=UTF-8
Link: <>; rel="type"
Link: <?properties-only>; rel=""

@prefix dcterms: <>.
@prefix rdfs: <>.
@prefix ldp: <>.

  a ldp:SimpleContainer;
  dcterms:title "A very simple container";
  ldp:contains <member1>, <member2>, <member3>.


$ curl -i
Content-Type: text/turtle; charset=UTF-8
Link: <.>; rev=""

  a o:NetWorth;
  o:netWorthOf <>;

Otherwise though I think we need to get a better name for "membership properties"
I don't think that "properties only" gets it quite right either.  But that's
another issue probably.

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Received on Monday, 9 December 2013 23:41:09 UTC