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> > ldp:xyz goes beyond ldp:memberResource. 
> > As I understand ldp:memberResource replaces ldp:created. And ldp:created
> > was just linking an LDPC to an ldpr that was created via POST. 
> > 
> > ldp:xyz goes beyond that in that it also covers resources that may not
> > have been created by a POST. As long as the expectation of the client 
> > that interacting with them is the same as if they had, it is an 
> > ldp:xyz element
> > of the LDPC. 
> > ...
> Ah. I see what you mean. Because we decided to make ldp:created mandatory in the case of an IndirectContainer I took it as meaning that it would be there independently of how the resource is created. But you're right, this was not clearly stated though. Now that we separated the different types of containers I wouldn't expect anyone to object to it but we should check. If that's the case then they really are the same. 

Great, we're getting to consensus.

What is needed now to finish this issue is the following:

 a good definition for ldp:xyz
 a better name for ldp:xyz . Some suggestions have been:
   - ldp:member    [ - allready accepted ]
   - ldp:contains  [ ] 
   - ldp:memberResource 
 a URI for LDPRs and LDP Binaries [ ]
   so that we can sepecify the domain of the Relation ( Perhaps I can call it Ldp:ResourceOrBinary 
   for the moment )

Current definitions that were put forward were:

ldp:xyz a rdf:Property;
 rdf:domain ldp:Container;
 rdf:range ldp:ResourceOrBinary
 rdfs:comment """
   ldp:xyz relates an LDPC to the resources that it manages [link to the spec for Managed Resource] 

ldp:member a rdf:Property;
 skos:editorialNote "this relation could also be called ldp:manages."
 rdfs:subPropertyOf rdfs:member;
 rdf:domain ldp:ResourceOrBinary;
 rdf:range ldp:Resource; //<- this is intended to refer to the set of LDPRs and LDP Binaries. Find a name for it.
 w3c:voted <>
 rdfs:comment """
   An ldp:member of a ldp:Container is a Resource which is created when a POST succeeds 
   on it (creating also the membership triples in the LDPC) or which when DELETED 
  removes the membership triples as specified by the "Linked Data Platform 1.0" spec.""" .

ldp:member is probably defined too tightly above. ldp:xyz may needs a bit more filling in.


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