[W3C LDP WG] Review of the"Best Practice & Guidelines" document...

Hi all,


I’ve finally completed ACTION-96, the review of the “Best Practice &
Guidelines” document 

( <https://www.w3.org/2012/ldp/track/actions/96>


Please find attached the full review report,  and let me just share with you
the main conclusion. 


In general, the contents do fit the spirit of the document. But I’m not sure

how they are presented. It is not clear to me where the emphasis is on: does

document target LDP technology developers, consumers, or both? 


Most of the best practices (if not all) are not related to the LDP

in itself (do not tackle implementation specific issues) but to the data
model that

should be used or in the data produced (LDP technology consumer from my

point of view). 


It might be worth thinking about this and clarify the scope in the
introduction (impetus) 

and maybe group the best practices depending on the target of the best
practice itself.







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