ACTION-115 / ACTION-116 (proposing text for ISSUE-89 and ISSUE-90)

Hi guys,

I've been working on my actions ACTION-115 and ACTION-116.

You can find a set (should say list as it's ordered) of proposals for
ISSUE-89 and ISSUE-90 at:


A few comments:

* it proposes to make a Binary resource an LDPR (for unification and
* it introduces the notion of containment
* containment is not related to membership
* membership is not changed at all
* it builds upon the new Containers, just replacing ldp:member with
   ldp:contains (I explain the rational in the proposal)
* the "it doubles the number of triples" issue is addressed
* it specifies where the triples live, including the membership

I think it's now up to Arnaud to decide if the proposals can be
discussed during the next meeting.

You guys should really look into it as soon as possible and provide
feedback (or just ask questions), so that I can improve the proposals.


Received on Thursday, 5 December 2013 19:02:55 UTC