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[css3-transitions] Interpolating transforms: a proposal to avoid Euler angles in favor of using quaternions

[filters] notes to CSS filters

[filters] opacity() filter function?

[filters] transform and composite-under/over

Agenda, July 11 2011 FXTF telcon

Dropping angle-bracket syntax for animation

Dropping angle-bracket syntax for animation (see also "agenda+ SVG 2 Features and Approach"

Fwd: Regrets for the next few weeks

FX-ISSUE-5: Hit-testing on elements that have a filter applied [Filter Effects 1.0]

Harmonising CSS and SVG Animation

Hey, you’ve got SVG in my CSS!

Hey, you¹ve got SVG in my CSS!

luminanceToAlpha values in FEColorMatrix

Minutes, 11 July 2011 FX taskforce meeting

Minutes, 26 July FX taskforce face to face meeting, Seattle

New treatise on D3.js

Regrets for today

Updated Filters 1.0 editor's draft

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