Re: Harmonising CSS and SVG Animation

Thanks for this. I made some small edits. From memory:

- steps() is now in CSS and implemented in WebKit
- animation-fill-mode covers SMIL's fill, but allows filling backwards in time too
- additive animations would be fairly simple to add to CSS


On 25/07/2011, at 12:24 PM, Brian Birtles wrote:

> Dear all,
> At tomorrow's FXTF F2F Erik has allocated a good amount of time to
> animation. In particular I'd like to discuss the overall approach to
> harmonising CSS and SVG Animation.
> It seems there are a range of views regarding what we're doing here
> (e.g. dropping one model, merging the two, merely aligning the two etc.)
> I've written up an analysis of the differences between CSS Animation and
> SVG Animation which I hope will be useful input to determining our
> overall approach.
> Feedback and corrections are welcome (particularly regarding the CSS
> side with which I'm not as familiar).
> Thanks and see you tomorrow!
> Brian

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