Re: [filters] notes to CSS filters

On Thu, Sep 22, 2011 at 10:15 PM, Dirk Schulze <> wrote:

> For the current CSS shorthand filter effects it is quite easy to omit
> filter regions. The implementations can calculate the boundaries
> themselves. What is the status on the SVG part? Do we find a way to limit
> the filter region size automatically?


> Right now one of the filter effects that can have unlimited size is
> lightning (same for feTurbulence IIRC).
> However, Firefox limits the size of a lighting effect automatically! You'll
> see that if you compare the example [3] between Firefox and Chrome/Opera.
> The size of the filter result on Firefox is smaller. Even if it is a bug in
> Firefox at the moment, we could add a rule to the filter specification that
> would specify this behavior. Once we've done that, we can omit filterRegions
> (or make it optional) and don't need to auto clip to (-10%, -10%, 120%,
> 120%) anymore.
> (Firefox takes the size of the previous filter effect and uses the same
> size for the lighting effect if no subregion was specified).

That's a bug. Maybe we don't need to do anything in the spec; if primitive
regions are not specified the unbounded primitives can just fill the entire
visible (clipped) area.

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