Re: Dropping angle-bracket syntax for animation

(2011/08/02 12:09), Cameron McCormack wrote:
> It also doesn't work for scripted documents, since you could construct a
> document that behaves differently depending on whether style sheets or
> presentation attributes were used.
 > I don't know whether this is a use case that we ought to be giving
 > priority, however.

Yes, I'm definitely thinking of unscripted documents which I think are a 
high priority. I think "SVG as asset" is a major use case and will only 
become increasingly so as we get further support in browsers for SVG 
<img>s, SVG backgrounds, SVG list bullets, SVG cursors, SVG embedded in 
OpenType fonts, SVG icons in application chrome and so on--all 
situations where you don't want to allow script but do want animation.

Consequently, I imagine there may be many tools that only work with 
these SVG assets. Just how many of those will find CSS support 
burdensome I'm not sure but I'd like to make it easy for those tools to 
get started.


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