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*Possible* additional use cases

[dpub] 20161024 agenda

[dpub] 20161031 agenda

[dpub] agenda 20161003

[dpub] agenda 20161003 + MathML +MQ

[dpub] agenda 20161010 - NOTE NEW TIME

[DPUB] Doodle poll for a new IG call timing

[dpub] PWP-UCR merges and questions

[dpub] reminder 20161017 meeting cancelled

[DPUB][A11Y] Agenda 10/13/16 (NEW DAY / NEW TIME)

[DPUB][A11Y] Agenda 102716

[DPUB][A11Y] Doodle Poll for new weekly meeting time

[DPUB][A11Y] Minutes 102716

[DPUB][A11Y] Minutes 20161013

[mediaqueries] MathML

[Meeting Summary] 2016-10-10

[Meeting Summary] 2016-10-24

[Meeting Summary] 2016-10-31

Accessibility Meeting updated Poll

Collecting ideas from the broader community

Comments on latest UCR for discussion

Comments on the dedupe branch - for discussions later today

Cross-origin Service Workers

dpub-ig-ACTION-66: Remove excess use cases from section 2.1.1

Fwd: Daylight Saving Time (DST) change --second half of 2016

Meeting minutes, 2016-10-03

Meeting minutes, 2016-10-10

Meeting minutes, 2016-10-24

Meeting Minutes, 2016-10-31

Next UCR Reorg round...

Paginating with Annotation

Re 1: Restructuring of the UCR - my initial comments

Re 2: Restructuring of the UCR

Restructuring of the UCR

Service Workers at Work...

The MQ (or not) issue; what we are seeking

Updated UCR doc

WAI Website Top Tasks Survey

WebEx has been updated

worth have a look at this blog

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