RE: The MQ (or not) issue; what we are seeking

Sorry for the tardy response, Liam.

Fundamentally, this issue isn't about "working in ebook readers" in the sense of rendering the math.

From the accessibility point of view, and specifically in the context of EPUBs, we are really looking for a solution where the pre-rendered equation (an image, typically rendered by a workflow from MathML upstream, ideally SVG) is what is displayed visually. We need that EPUB to be able to also _contain_ the MathML without triggering an RS to try to render it instead of the image; the publisher (now) wants to prioritize the image for visual rendering. Instead, that MathML needs to be available to AT.

Nobody thinks this is the ideal or ultimate solution. What we need is something that works right now (or soon) while MathML rendering in browsers and EPUB RSs is still so unreliable, so that publishers can safely stick that MathML in the EPUB and know that it will just get used for AT, without the RS trying to render it and failing. Otherwise they simply omit or comment out the MathML, which makes it unavailable to AT.


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On Wed, 2016-10-05 at 15:17 +0000, Bill Kasdorf wrote:
> What we need is an interim solution that will make it safe for 
> publishers to deliver the MathML along with the image that they want 
> displayed visually. For now.
Does this have to work in ebook readers (which might or might not support JavaScript) as well as in Web browsers?



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