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I would be happy to answer those questions later on.
But IMO, the discussion should start with the group.

I am *officially* an outsider as I am unaffiliated and neither a member of the IDPF or the W3C.

And in the interest of openness, I have approached the leadership of both organisations to get some kind of sponsorship for my contributions, but I was either turned down or ignored.

Just last week I made a proposal to build a combined 5DOC and Service Worker system with WordPress as the backend.
I suggested using Mozilla's Service Worker plugins for WordPress, which I have already tested.
Both ideas (5DOC and SW) have similar techniques for adding offline CSS and JS.
I was ignored.

Except I was heard, as a couple of official participants of DIGIPUB-IG just agreed yesterday to do some prototyping of SW (5DOC is apparently idea non grata).

Hi Mike,

Speaking for myself, yes, I've been ignoring you, and that does make me
uneasy. I remember when I first looked at a 5DOC. I found a giant HTML
document with an inlined copy of JQuery, base64-encoded images, and my own
IP address. It was highly dependent on WordPress. It required a separate
app to work on iOS, and didn't appear to work on Android at all. I had no
idea what the security implications were, but downloading something full
of JavaScript into my local filesystem made me wary. I don't think the
filesystem is the answer.

But that's not my biggest concern. This group is a community of people
trying to work together for a better future for publications on the web.
We're very much exploring, experimenting, trying to learn from everything
that has happened before, from XML to EPUB to the modern web. We value
collaboration, sharing, respect. We value dialog over monologue. When
someone repeatedly claims to have the answer, we grow skeptical. When
someone routinely dismisses work done by large numbers people of obvious
goodwill and intelligence, we grow wary. When someone doesn't seem open to
change or conversation, we tune out.

Yes, we want ideas from the broader community. But we also have a
responsibility to evaluate those ideas, and decide if continuing to engage
with them will serve our larger goals.

And yes, as a group, we should have been clearer about our response. For
that I'm sorry.


Dave Cramer

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