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Hi Peter,

On 05/10/2016 02:46 , Peter Krautzberger wrote:
>> There's
> <> for that. Last I looked
> it relied on a specific version of jsdom so it can be a bit finicky to
> use depending on what you need to do, but once you get it running it
> works great.
> Maybe try the develop branch and then file a bug? It shouldn't rely on a
> specific version of jsdom.

As I said that was "last I looked". I have no doubt it has evolved
since. When I next spend time with that code I'll be happy to look into
it and pass it the jsdom instance I already have instead of serialising
it first. But that needs not be discussed here!

> mathjax-node produces both SVG and HTML+CSS (that works on IE8+ but
> expects webfonts); it also provides the alt text generation via
> speechruleengine and we have plans to move from a single alt text to
> deep aria labels for full exploration.

That would definitely be *very* interesting.

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