Next UCR Reorg round...

Hi all,

Heather started to work on the next round of reorganization, and I picked it up from her today. The current results are here: <>

(I still keep it in a separate branch).

Beyond the changes we discussed on the call, I have also made some additional ones; I have listed them below. I have also some specific need for feedbacks:

 * I have added the use case of Eric Hellmann[1] into 2.1.2 (4th use case) mainly not to loose it in the reorganization (note that I have slightly changed the language.). However, this has not been approved by the IG yet. To be reviewed by the group and need feedback whether we should keep it or not (personally I am fine keeping it).

* I am not really sure of the formulation in 3.4 but I ran a bit out of steam on how to formulate them. Input would be welcome

* Charles, Deborah:
 - I have not touched 2.1.1; I believe we agreed that you guys would rework that section.
 - the appendix on the accessibility back-references is just a placeholder for now; I will complete that appendix later this week
 - I have explicitly added annotation to the description of the very first requirement which, I believe, means that there is no need for a separate use case on the accessibility of annotations because it is 'just' a resource like all others
 - I have removed the separate section on Accessibility Metadata because overlapping with what is now section 2.2.9. Note that I have moved two use cases from the previous version into this to draw attention on the accessibility metadata itself. Please check whether the reference I used is the right one or not.

Other changes that I have done on the fly:

- Changed the title of the document to (Packaged) Web Publications (actually, this was discussed at TPAC, not at the call)
- The first item of the terminology section was related to "offline/online", and was a leftover pre-TPAC. I have simply commented out that item for now, we should see whether there is a need for an offline/online terminology item in the first place
- The terms "Web Publication" and "Packaged Web Publication" have been added to the terminology section. I also removed the term 'Publication' which became essentially a duplicate of a Web Publication
- Sections on finding resources, essential resources, etc, have been moved to the part on Web Publications
- The section on data included use cases that were really related to the management of specific javascript libraries, and their role v.a.v. data was incidental. These were commented out, leaving only one use case, but moving one (that was really controlling whether a Javascript library should be used offline or in a package) into the requirement on constituent resources.
- I simplified the hierarchy for distribution as well as for archival, which now consisted of two, resp. one, use cases only
- I have split the manifest related use cases in the previous section 3, moved what sounded like only WP specific to section 2. This simplified the hierarchy of section 3, too.

Continue tomorrow afternoon…: finalize the accessibility appendix, and one more thorough review before merging



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