Restructuring of the UCR


The first (but definitely not final!) pass at restructuring is up on github:

I have five major questions for the group to discuss on the call on Monday:

 1. I rewrote the entire abstract to make it more abstract-like and
    inline with our discussions at TPAC.  Suggestions for improvement?
 2. Given we are moving to assume this will be on the web, is it really
    necessary to say that this needs to be viewable in a browser? (I
    commented out that requirement)
 3. Online/Offline - at TPAC, we discussed removing mention of online
    versus offline. I’d like to go through each of the use cases where
    that split is mentioned to see if entirely removing the distinction
    makes sense. I’ve already changed a few, but this could use
    community input.
 4. Still have 27 requirements. Are they the right requirements? Is this
    still too many, repeating what’s already known in the OWP?
 5. Is having a Permissions and Obligations section going to be
    confusing? Should those items be moved to Security?

I haven't started seriously digging into the issues list. I'll stare at
those for a bit, but don't expect to make any more substantive changes
between now and our call tomorrow.

Leonard, great job on the duplicates!


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