Re: Collecting ideas from the broader community

On Tue, 2016-10-18 at 07:38 +0200, Mike Perlman wrote:
> Well I am an outsider and I have been participating for almost a year
> in discussions here and elsewhere.

Than you are not an outsider :-)

> Why not start with the group critiquing itself on how it has worked
> with me?

The most useful question might be, why weren't you here sooner - e.g.
* didn't know about it
* didn't think you could make a difference
* priorities, thought you were too busy :)
* thought the work was unimportant
* was afraid people would talk about xml :)
* some other reasons...?

Because the question then is, why aren't other people here?

I don't think it's the tools. I think
(1) traditionally publishers don't get involved in technology
innovation - they've always used new tech but not developed it much;
(2) we don't do enough outreach (although Ican, Felix, Tzviya and
others have done a ton, it's often a failing at W3C I think)
(3) the goals and benefits maybe aren't set out clearly enough?
(4) it's too hard to get involved, too much to learn?

Using things like discourse might help with (2) and maybe (4) perhaps.
Or not?


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