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I thought exactly the same thing when I read it, but Peter had beat me to it. There’s already a long thread discussing this on www-style.



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Thanks, Peter. I think it would be helpful to pass this on to the CSS WG.

Tzviya Siegman
Information Standards Lead

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Regrets from me. It's a public holiday where I live.

But I wrote up my thoughts on the media query at

As I said in the breakout meeting, this is my personal opinion and what I would tell my clients.


On Sep 30, 2016 3:50 PM, "Siegman, Tzviya - Hoboken" <<>> wrote:


Below is the draft agenda for next week's IG concall, to be held at the usual time and day [0].

Please let us know if you are able to scribe. Please join the call via WebEx [1] and join IRC [13] for live chat & minutes (IRC channel #dpub).

Webex:<> (note: you will need a password. Refer to earlier message for pwd or log in to IRC to obtain)


* Approve minutes [2] [3] [4]

* New Meeting time: beginning next week,  10 Oct, Monday. 16:00 UTC/12:00 EDT/18:00 CET

* Post-TPAC Action items: See list below

* Remember to fill out post-TPAC Survey [5]

Post TPAC Action items:

•          WCAG: (@Avneesh/Charles)

o   provide techniques etc from EPUB to AWK and JO by Dec,

o   see (already reviewed).

o   schedule joint call (chairs can coordinate scheduling)

o   See for info about writing new success criteria and for SC template.

•         CSS

o   Provide Dean Jackson with information about why publishers need tables

o   Clarify with Peter K what status of Math MQ is and next steps

o   @dave – look into InDesign hanging punctuation

o   @david_wood: table samples to Dean Jackson

o   @liam – XSL-FO => CSS-FO

•         (P)WP:

o @Tzviya assign Heather’s issues to individuals

o   @Leonard dedupe PWP-UCR

o   @Heather reorg PWP-UCR

o   @brady action 65: split PWP into review chunks

o   Many have been assigned github issues. Please check to see if you’ve been assigned an issue. Pay attention to the issues.

o   Future: look into Object Model for WP

•         POE:

o   Tzviya/BillK to reach out to Journals Publishers re: POE, ODRL mapping








To join this telecon, use the following logistics:

Webex [10]

Join chat and minutes on Zakim

We will also use an IRC channel to minute the discussions:


Available ports (choose one): 6667, 6665, 21 IRC channel: #dpub See how to connect [11] using an IRC client [12] or our web interface [13] User Instructions for Zakim [14] To mute your line press 61#. Unmute is 60#.

To place yourself on the speaker queue ('q+' in irc) press 41# (Handup).

Unqueue ('q-' in irc) is 40#.


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* Digital Publishing Interest Group Charter<>

* IG Task forces<>






Tzviya Siegman
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