Re: [mediaqueries] MathML

On 04/10/2016 10:33 , Florian Rivoal wrote:
>> If I had a wish my preferred option would be to have the ability to mark
>> > up alternatives in HTML, a bit like <switch> but *without* the built-in
>> > behaviour:
>> > 
>> > <alternative>
>> >  <variant><math>...</math></variant>
>> >  <variant><svg>...</svg></variant>
>> >  <variant><img></variant>
>> >  <variant>some long textual description</variant>
>> > </alternative>
>> > 
>> > As an author I could specify my preferred option (perhaps just through
>> > order) but the browser could override me ("nope I don't understand that
>> > well enough", "my user actually prefers that one") and could afford
>> > users the option of switching between representations.
>> > 
>> > That would match my publishing needs far better (and as a user I would
>> > also love the option to switch to text in many cases). I do however
>> > realise that this is a much more involved change.
> Interesting (and completely out of scope for the CSSWG:). How would you
> deal with not showing all alternatives in UAs that are not aware of this new element,
> without asking the author to hard-code in their stylesheet or markup which variant
> should be display:none?

This is completely out of scope but if I had to actually design this
instead of wave my hands I would do so using the <template> element.

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