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"HTML Media Capture" prepared for publication

[contacts] HTML5 Device integration proposal

[contacts] Removal of serviceId from API

[File API] Recent Updates To Specification + Co-Editor

[Reminder]: Last Call Working Drafts transition announcement of the API and Ontology for Media Resource 1.0

A Proposal for the Testing Framework

ACTION-143 - Feedback on the Gallery API

Agenda - Distributed Meeting 2010-07-07

Agenda, F2F 14-16 July 2010, London

Agenda, F2F 14-16 July 2010, London (v2)

Agenda, F2F 14-16 July 2010, London (v3)

app-launcher API presentation slide

Browsing contexts and permissions in sysinfo

Calendaring coordination

CfC: System Information API LC

CfC: The Messaging API FPWD

changes to sysinfo (was Fwd: Agenda - Distributed Meeting 2010-06-23)

Comments on Media Annotations API?

Comments on Privacy Rulesets from the DAP F2F

Comparing recurrence in iCalendar and current Calendar API

DAP specs and architectural issues (Re: JavaScript Permissions interface in WebApps)

Dirty Politics (was Re: AT&T's Dirty Politics)

Discussion regarding policy framework choices

Draft minutes 2010-07-07 teleconference

draft minutes 2010-07-14, f2f day 1

draft minutes 2010-07-15, f2f day2

draft minutes 2010-07-15, f2f day2 (fixed agenda link)

Draft Minutes 2010-07-16 F2F Day 3

Fwd: Alignment with W3C Contacts API

Fwd: AT&T's Dirty Politics

HTML Media Capture draft from Device APIs and Policy Working Group

ISSUE-86: Privacy issue about sharing other users contact information from own address book

ISSUE-87: Degree of ruleset transmission with API calls, how often, whic

ISSUE-88: User interaction for ruleset confirmation when multiple APIs are used to provide functionality, usability etc

ISSUE-89: Clarify how rulesets interact with pre-existing relationships

ISSUE-90: Create privacy best practices document for web site developer

ISSUE-91: Be clear to distinguish site (service) privacy policy versus included location provider policy etc

ISSUE-92: Sysinfo, permissions for get vs monitor;

ISSUE-93: Do we want to stage the release of contacts API between read and write access?

ISSUE-94: How do Powerbox and Policy interact and integrate

ISSUE-95: Different regulatory environments and relationship to privacy and rulesets

JavaScript Permissions interface in WebApps

making permissions viewable

Media Capture API restructured

navigator.connection, navigator.onLine in Android 2.2

New Contacts API published

new features draft

Next steps with vcard / POCO / OMA

Privacy and Security considerations for APIs

question about number of occurrences of author and content elements (in Widget packaging spec)

Regrets (RE: Agenda - Distributed Meeting 2010-07-07)

Regrets (was : Agenda - Distributed Meeting 2010-07-07)

Regrets for today

Regrets: Agenda - Distributed Meeting 2010-07-07

simple privacy policies

sysinfo - requirement to ensure implementers provide true data

System Information for IP service activation (was RE... changes to sysinfo...)

The Messaging API FPWD

Update on <device> element in WhatWG

updated minutes, 2010-06-30 (v2)

Welcome to the DAP WG

Write-access difficulties (in contacts and other APIs)

“HTML Media Capture” published

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